Chartering accord in workforce & employment relationships to keep them running smoothly and productively.

Why Accord?

Accord is the relational aspect of agreement – the human-centred solution that meets the parties’ needs and makes their agreement their own.

“Often overlooked in traditional contract negotiation, it represents the heart and spirit of the parties’ agreements – their shared and separate hopes – the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of their mutual commitments.”


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  • Accord Making
  • Business & regulatory environment
  • Auxiliary Workforce
  • Supply chains, value chains & value networks
  • Integrative practice

Blog Posts

Victorian Labour Hire Licensing: Up-Close & Personal

We’re excited to be presenting a series of three masterclasses and advanced workshops when we will look in detail at the Victorian Labour Hire Licensing Scheme. Many will have already gained an overview of the scheme but will still have unanswered questions about it. Some will need to delve into the detail

“After your scale of fees and charges … your dispute resolution clause might just be the most important thing in your terms of business”

Andrew Wood is regularly asked to advise on terms of business for the supply of many different types of employment services.  Here’s what he says about it: Approaching the matter conservatively, I generally like to see sophisticated and robust provisions that cover many different eventualities. But that leads to complexity; and complex documents can be difficult