Talking Points

Why not check out our events or ask us about some of the things we are listening to, learning and talking about.

Accord Making

Accord is the relational aspect of agreement – the human-centred solution that meets the parties’ needs and makes their agreement their own. “It represents the heart and spirit of the parties’ agreements – their shared and separate hopes – the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of their mutual commitments.” When we are accord making, we are:

  • listening and learning
  • discovering unique stories and appreciating larger narratives
  • promoting vision
  • scoping mission
  • respecting values
  • declaring intent
  • designing and building for sustainability
  • mapping a viable future
  • setting direction
  • building consensus

Business & regulatory environment

“It’s about helping our clients to keep their eye on the ever-bouncing ball of change in the business and regulatory environment”  Ask us about:

  • Employment & workforce relations
  • Business & human rights policy and initiatives
  • Workforce sustainability
  • Competition & consumer policy
  • Privacy
  • Corporate governance
  • Occupational licensing

Auxiliary Workforce

“It’s about fair and decent outcomes – improving flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability, whilst respecting that labour is not a commodity.” Ask us about:

  • Employment & workforce relations
  • Business & human rights policy and initiatives
  • Outsourcing
  • Self-regulation
  • Control assurance
  • Service level agreements

Supply chains, value chains & value networks

“Effective supply chain governance starts with good value network curation and stewardship”. Ask us about:

  • Value exchange and flow
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Governance, stewardship & curation
  • Business & Human Rights
  • Modern Slavery Protections

Integrative practice

“So much of what we do in integrative practice is about gently untangling and presenting the threads of conflict and cooperation.” Ask us about:

  • Conscious, relational & values based contracts
  • Collaborative practice
  • Informal justice
  • Dispute prevention & resolution