Our Founders

WorkAccord was started in 2017 by husband and wife team, Andrew and Colleen Wood.

Their goal was to create a strategic workforce and employment relations practice with a unique mix of analytical and evidence-based skills drawn from Andrew’s legal & dispute resolution background and communication, collaboration and curation skills drawn from Colleen’s experience in the museum & heritage field.

Andrew C. Wood

Andrew is an Australian lawyer with post admission experience spanning 35 years. He has worked with the recruitment, staffing and contracting industry for more than 25 years and is an Honorary Life Fellow of RCSA.

He is the author of industry templates and is regularly asked to review and rehabilitate agency terms of business. He designed the RCSA Code for Professional Conduct and is the architect of both its StaffSure Certification Standard and the proposed Employment Services Industry Code.

Andrew is the principal of WorkAccord Legal.  He holds a Masters degree in Public Administration and teaches Employment Law in LL.M. Program QUT.

He is an accredited mediator (interest based and narrative approaches) and a member of the Global Civil Collaborative Council.

His current research interests include developing a model of collaborative practice for deployment towards resolving relationship-rich business disputes such as partnership, franchise and shareholder disputes, labour supply chain & value-network participant transitions and disruptions.

Specialties: Recruitment Industry Regulation; Law of work (including employment, recruitment and labour on-hire law); Privacy; Public & Corporate Governance (including competition/consumer regulation). Positions held on Human Research Ethics Committees.

Colleen D. Wood

Colleen is an applied museology and heritage communications graduate, who brings extensive project management, interpretation and curation experience to WorkAccord.

Colleen has successfully managed:

-disaster preparedness projects

-significance assessments

-interpretation strategies & plans; and

-volunteer management & induction plans

for state funded and third sector linked museum and heritage projects.

She leads an active social media project, connecting museum and heritage institutions, professionals and emerging practitioners around the globe.