About us

About Us


We are an Australian workforce and employment relations firm that uses integrative and collaborative approaches to help clients charter their workforce & employment relationships and keep them running smoothly and productively.

Working with us

A choice for accord

When you work with us, you are choosing to work collaboratively to bring accord to your workforce and key networks.  You are choosing to integrate values of co-operation and care into how you do business and to invite co-operation from your workforce and value network participants.  A choice for accord is for more human-centered, value-creating, and sustainable workforce and employment relationships.

Making sense

When we work together, we make sense of the business and regulatory environment: sharing information; helping our clients take command of usable knowledge; observing how the parts fit together; arranging information logically; revealing bigger pictures; building understanding; clearing up grey areas; discovering opportunities that arise from new knowledge; using plain language and sometimes even pictures!

Supporting industry

When you work with us, you work with a team whose members, for over 35 years, have listened to, learned from, and provided trusted support to industry, guiding clients through disruptive developments in fields as diverse as: Competition & consumer reform; CSR & governance advancement; Economic crisis; Human & labour rights recognition; Industry restructure & deregulation; Workplace reform.