Using human-centred integrative and collaborative approaches, WorkAccord helps organisations charter their workforce & employment relationships to keep them running smoothly and productively.

We undertake:

  • Workforce & value chain mapping
  • Strategic review, planning & implementation for accord making
  • Registry support including chartering of outcomes, solutions, follow-up, and action plans
  • Training

Supply Chain & Value Network Charters

WorkAccord helps its clients to charter the key elements in their workforce and employment relationships, supply chains and value networks.

Our work involves supply chain and network mapping for labour contracting and supply arrangements.

Accord Making

WorkAccord advises on opportunities and pathways for building and maintaining accord in key workforce operations.

We also help our clients to review, repair and rehabilitate their terms of business and other key documents to reflect the accords they make.

Registry Support

Work Accord provides registry services to support accord maintenance and professional conduct & dispute interventions.

Our work includes providing outsourced registry support for the professional conduct regime of an Australian and New Zealand industry peak body with over 3,000 members.

Learning Design

We design and deliver training support programs ranging from “taster” and introductory sessions all the way through to advanced master classes and “train the trainer” courses.

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